We are a community of experience and unique knowledge. We know how rewarding volunteer management in a hospice can be, and we also know the challenges. Our strength is our connections, our collaboration and our camaraderie.

Membership is open to all managers of volunteers in a palliative care setting, including those in hospice retail, fundraising and delivering community services with volunteers.

As the leading professional network for anyone managing volunteers in a palliative care setting, the HVMN offers a wealth of expert knowledge and experience at your fingertips.

“The benefits gained from being a member of the HVMN is the support, knowledge, understanding, training, problem solving and sharing best practice within a group of like-minded individuals who manage a volunteer resource in the hospice setting.  Priceless!!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join the HVMN?

Membership is open to anyone with responsibility for managing volunteers in a palliative care organisation. This includes whether you are managing a team of volunteers directly as part of a service e.g. Shop Manager or Hospice at Home Service, or whether you have oversight of volunteer-involvement in your organisation e.g. Volunteer Service Manager or Head of Volunteering. You’re also welcome whether you’re a paid member of staff, or a volunteer yourself.

How can I contact you?

Please contact our Membership Secretary here for more information.

Which region should I join?

You can find a map of all of regions here, if you’re from Wales or Northern Ireland please contact our Membership Secretary.

Some of our existing members:

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