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Community Volunteering

On the 22nd of September 2020 we held a national network meeting on the topic of community volunteering. We were joined by Carly Attridge who spoke about her work facilitating community volunteering projects, including Compassionate Communities, her previous role at St Joseph’s Hospice and her current work with The Loss Project. Linda Owens also joined us from Dorothy House Hospice to talk about her innovative community bereavement support project.

You can view a recording of the meeting via the link HERE

Carly has kindly sent us a copy of the slides she used during her presentation which can be viewed here: Carly – HVMN PRESENTATION 22 9 20

Carly also mentioned some links during her talk, which can be found below:

If you have any information or resources around community volunteering that you would be happy to share with the network please send to [email protected] to be added to our Resource Library